Sébastien Mickaël Oviri Khæn Guyonneau, known as O’khæn*, is a French-born artist who lives and works in Florida since 2014. He started young in the 1990’s as a photographer and an illustrator on traditional medium, but has been working directly with and in nature since 2000, making numerous ephemeral artworks in natural environments. Then he felt the necessity of keeping a track of his short-life works to share with the public. His first photography documented creation was Pôles, a monumental in-situ installation made in 2003. Active in environmental concerns such as the biodiversity loss from then on, O’khæn developed an artistic approach jointly linked to nature, a site-specific art which has for central theme the biodiversity.

In 2001 he began to study the interractions between arts and nature. Eleven years later, he defended a thesis about artistic creation and biological diversity, so obtaining Doctor’s title in visual arts. Self-taught naturalist, expert in malacology, he also worked in parallel for several nature study institutions, such as the french Museum of Natural History.

Artist Statement

His approach is based on the felt of the biotopes, on its meetings with wild forms of life, and all the creation process is inspired by his full-immersions in nature. He travels in numerous countries all over the world as a globe-trotter naturalist/artist, to meet an large variety of species and to feel personally the environmental changes. Then he elaborates high scale projects on the landscape, builds structures, makes sculptures mostly with natural materials on site.

His artist’s vision, tactile and mostly extemporaneous, creates artworks that reveals nature’s process of endless recreation and reproduction. He makes us rediscover things which don’t affect our primitive senses anymore, or emphasizes species which are usually invisible.


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