New York City street artist WhIsBe is noted for his whimsical iconography, juxtaposing innocuous and benign images within an edgier context. Named 1 of 7 NYC street artists to keep on your radar by Guest of a Guest, the SVA artist began to appear in 2011 across the US and Europe with his McDictator piece, which the Huffington Post mentioned as, “the McDonaldization of America.”  He has been featured on publications such as Art Net, Wallpaper Magazine, and Materialist Magazine. WhIsBe is also known to help curate and create art for live events for the likes of Red Bull & Governor’s Ball Music Festival. He has exhibited in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami Galleries as well as Art Southampton and Art Basel with the Keszler Gallery.

Artist Statement

WhIsBe’s artwork blends elements of whimsy alongside commercial iconography as a means of making a critical statement on contemporary culture and “big box” materialism. Using humor to critique social problems and institutions, WhIsBe has impacted the street art world and continues to influence the future of the medium.


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