William Rosewood

William Rosewood discovered the world of art at a young age, exploring and creating as a means of finding solutions to visual and tactical problems. At the age of sixteen, he began his foray into fashion design despite lacking any formal business experience prior to this endeavor. At seventeen, he attended the Willem de Kooning Academy where he learned the artistry behind commercial image-making. His experience at the Academy led him to begin challenging conventional ideals and rebelling against the quotidian expectations of contemporary artists and art-making.

Artist Statement

Rosewood developed a particular interest in exploring and pushing the limit of what is possible which manifested itself not only in painting, but also in experimenting with different materials. He developed a characteristic style which combines the use of unconventional materials such as blood with large visualizations.Rosewood’s strength can be found in his ability to combine art with his entrepreneurial skills. He takes pleasure in collaborating with different artists, focusing on their expertise while creating art together.


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