Yacine M’seffar began learning photography, assisting and collaborating with photographers such as Peter Beard and Raphael Mazzucco. In his travels, Yacine began to explore the farther reaches of photography as an art form. Madagascar, Kenya, Vietnam and Europe have been part of his discovery of the wild places that make this beautiful planet. His artwork now plays a larger role in his photography with a first solo show at Galerie | SAS | 2010.

Artist Statement

Silver Metamorphosis is a process through which Yacine manipulates an image allowing the introduction of a new way of approaching the subject. Transforming the subject from organic to metallic, brings out textures, shapes and designs that a straight photograph often does not show. What once was fleeting or ephemeral can now have the illusion of permanence and take on a new significance. Objects that were delicate or fragile become sculptures, objects that were frightening or repulsive become jewels. Silver Metamorphosis bring out the visceral beauty of the world that surrounds us, it awakens a fascination, and allows us to re-experience the rapture of being alive.


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